The Kurl for Kids Family

For the past 29 years a group of dedicated committee members, celebrity skips, volunteers and curlers have gathered together each Easter weekend in support of children with special needs in our community. Over the years, the event has changed charities, curling clubs and even cities, however, what has not changed is that special connection that we all share through the Kurl for Kids Family.

Our family includes former Olympic Champions, National Champions and Provincial Champions, parents of children that have survived difficult births and parents of children that tragically did not survive.

Our family includes charities and foundations that dedicate their efforts to raising money for special care nurseries, paediatric centres, specialized equipment and facilities that are designed with patients’ care in mind and providing the highest quality patient-centered care. Our family also includes a specialized group of curlers who choose to spend their time fundraising for and then curling in one of the best and longest running charity-spiels around. Our family includes a list of people connected to our skips and curlers who support the event through donations, sponsorship and financial contributions.

Over the past 29 years, the Kurl for Kids Family has raised just over $2.7 million for children with special needs. We have and will continue to make a difference in the lives of neonatal infants just minutes old, infants in need of specialized equipment and children who need extra care and attention. Our family includes you, and we are grateful to be able to include you.